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Dipolog City is one of the most cost effective places you could live on this planet. Real Estate prices are at levels you will find mind boggling, beautiful homes at 15% to 25% of what you would pay in your country. Add to that the extremely low living expenses, 75% lower auto registration: 60 - 70% lower alcohol: 75% lower food, some items up to 80% lower. Add to that full time maids at $35/month plus keep. Gardeners/drivers if you need one: $90.00/month. If you are married to a Filipina, or intend to marry a Filipina you can purchase a property in her name (foreigners at this time cannot own property), but that may soon change, the retirement industry is becoming a big business here in Asia, and the Philippines is definitely one of the hottest places. Why? English is widely spoken for one thing, another: they are a very friendly race, very open to foreigners. Why Dipolog city? For one: it is definitely one of the cheapest places in the Philippines.
OK, so Dipolog is 800 km south of Manila - so what! We live in a world that has been downsized by air travel, We no longer speak in distance; we speak in time of travel. Dipolog is no longer 800 Km from Manila, it is only one hour fifteen minutes. Also your Dipolog home will be no further than twenty minutes from the airport, probably much less, also no traffic. At land prices from 500 to 2000 pesos per square metre, we beat those real estate people in Manila by a country mile.
Safety? even though we are in Mindanao, Dipolog City is probably one of the safest places in the entire Philippines, probably far safer than your homeland is right now. Come and have a look, make up your own mind. But first, have a look at some of what we have to offer. If you do not wish to purchase yet, just come and have a look, we have something for all budgets.

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Are our Doctors "barking up the wrong tree" in their efforts to get on top of the Dengue Fever outbreak in the Philippines?

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and resident of dipolog city

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Welcome to the Dipolog Chinese Cuisine Restaurant

We are located on Malvar St Dipolog City, just a short walk from Friendly Mart on Quezon Av.
We are open 9am until 5pm Mondays to Saturday.
We serve both Chinese and Philipino dishes.
The Dipolog Chinese Cuisine Restaurant is popular with both Expat and locals.
Ice cold beer is always available. We also provide free WiFi and our Restaurant is Air Conditioned.
All served up by our pretty team of friendly girls.
Owner and Manager: Ms Jo Morelos Morrison
Cel: 09399143411. Landline: 065 212 77 88.
Dipolog Chinese Cuisine

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Dipolog City is known as the "City of Orchids"


Growing Orchids

Create your own beautiful Orchid Garden"
By James O'Brien
"It may be said of Orchids that no class of plants has so well and consistently sustained the interest of cultivators, which is partly because few, if any, plants have flowers that exhibit such diversity of form, size, and colouring."

In the early days of Orchid cultivation the idea was commonly entertained that these interesting plants could never become popular with the general public, for the reason that their culture involves a great initial outlay and permanent expense. That such an idea is incompatible with the facts is now admitted by all those who are most familiar with the subject. There is no department of "Present-Day" gardening that exhibits such wonderful progress as is shown in the Orchid gardens and nurseries that are to be found in every portion of these Isles.
At the same time, the popularisation of Orchid culture is only now in its very commencement. Amateurs are but just beginning to realise that Orchids, like other plants, are capable of being understood by any one who really desires to understand them; and, when once understood, the cool species, at any rate, are not less tractable than common greenhouse plants. So much is this the case that the author of the present volume declares that even the house-holders in suburban districts who have but one conservatory may, if they choose, keep that structure furnished with Orchids at a less expenditure of time and money than is necessary for the Palms, Ferns, and other species usually employed for the purpose.

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"Growing Orchids"

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Some of the Children of the Carmelite Orphanage at Sicayab.

The Carmelite Orphanage in Dipolog city needs your help

Many people may not be aware of it, but there is an Orphanage in Dipolog city, it is located at Sicayab on the northern road to Dapitan city.
The Orphanage is run by the Catholic Carmelite Sisters. They have under their care 27 children.
They receive some financial help from "Bantay Bata" but they need more.
If you can help, please do, even a little help will be greatly appreciated. It costs a lot to feed and clothe 27 children.
At present, there are some kind hearted Business people and individuals who do help, but sadly not enough.
Please dig deep down into your hearts and pockets and help the disadvantaged children of the Sicayab Carmelite Orphanage. Food donations gratefully accepted. Tel.: (065) 212 5847

Do Dipolog City Motorcycle Drivers Have a Death Wish?

Well, it certainly seems so.

An extremly important message to everyone who drives a motor car or travels in one.

This is very graphic at times but is an absolute must for everyone to see. We send emails to friends every day...."none will have more significance than this one. PLEASE SEND THIS MESSAGE TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW" The Dialogue is in English, but the Graphics are in every language.

WOW!!! Some sobering footage for the Pending Festive Period
VERY POWERFULL...... VERY GRAPHIC but share it with anyone you know who drives.

Great Aussie Ad Campaign!

This needs to passed around to every human being who has the keys to a vehicle and the capability of driving while under the influence of alcohol which leads to impaired judgement and the possibility of causing a life changing incident to happen to someone he or she comes in contact with while in this condition. This is perhaps one of the most intense commercials that I've ever seen and damn well made. I hope that by passing this along to others, that it will make a difference and if just one life is saved, it will all be worth the effort to simply hit "send" and maybe save a life today or tomorrow or in the future.. I think that Australia should be complemented on having the guts to "tell it like it is" and get this campaign out to all of it's licensed drivers and to air it on is very moving and very life like so it has a very strong impact this holiday season. Please pass it along to all of your friends and maybe you can be responsible for saving some lives. Wouldn't that be a great Christmas Present. Thousands die daily around the world from accidents caused by drink driving. Check this ad from Australia. Click on or cut and paste the Link Below into URL Bar, or cut and paste the link into an email to your friends, or sent them to this site.

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Fine examples of Philippine Art

Philippines Expat and Travel


"Hotels in Dipolog and Dapitan cities"

"Top Plaza Hotel "

"Hotel Camila 2"

"Dakak Park Resort Hotel"

Learning bisaya (cebuano)

The cebuano language is the most spoken of the bisayan languages (20 million total) and the second most spoken language of the philippines.

Cebuano is spoken in cebu, bohol, negros oriental, western parts of leyte, some parts of samar, negros occidental, palawan, biliran islands, southern region of masbate island and mindanao.

Some dialects of cebuano have different names to the language. ethnic groups from bohol may refer to cebuano as bol-anon while cebuano speakers in leyte identify their dialect as kana.

Speakers in mindanao and luzon refer to the language simply as bisaya.

A few important bisaya (cebuano) words / phrases:

how are you? :- kumusta ka naman

come again :- balikbalik

can i help you :- unsa may ato?

is anybody home? :- maayo! maayo!

suit yourself :- ikaw lang

handsome :- guwapo

beautiful :- guwapa

what is this? :- unsa ni?

who is that? :- kinsa na?

who are you? :- kinsa ka?

what is your name? :- unsay imong ngalan?

it’s hot :- init ka’ayo

where are you going? :- asa ka padulong?

good morning :- ma'ayong buntag

good afternoon :- ma'ayong hapon

good evening :- ma'ayong gabi'i

what do you want? :- unsa ba ang imohang kinahanglan?

Asa ang = Where is?

Unsay (Unsa ang) = What is?

Unsa = What?

Common Questions/Statements

Are you tired? - "Gikapoy ka?"

I'm not yet tired - "Wala pa ko gikapoy"

Yes, I'm tired now - "Oo, gikapoy na ako"

I don't get tired - "Dili man ko gakapuyon"

Where is your friend? - "Asa imong higala?"

He is in his room - "Naa sa iyang kwarto"

In his class - "Tua sa iyang klase"

He's not here - "Wala dinhi"

I don't know - "Ambot lang"

He's left already - "Gilakaw na"

Do you know him? - "Kaila ka niya?"

Yes, I know him - "Wala ko makaila niya"

I forgot his name - "Nalimtan ko ang iyang ngalan"

Maybe, next year - "Basin sa sunod tuig"

I'm not sure - "Dili ko sigurado"

Not yet; no - "Dilipa; dili"

Where are the Keys to your car - Asa ang yabi (or yawe) sa Sakyanan or Kotse